If Not Us, Who? is a new podcast about nature in crisis and saving the places we love. As our local and global ecologies quiver at breaking point, we talk to guests about their relationships to particular environments and how this spurs them to act for change.

Ranging from grass-roots campaigns to save local creeks, to Indigenous actions for Country, to international climate strikes, to movement-making works of non-fiction, environmental activism has never been more diverse.

Or more urgent.

As historians, we know all too well that no future is predetermined. We know that chance and individual agency can shape the course of history, making the looming collapse far from inevitable. We believe that the future will be written by the dedication of people who refuse to give up, and the stories of our guests serve as inspiring examples of what this might look like.

What moment or place inspired our guests to take action? How do they stay motivated when buffeted by both climate denialism and Apocalyptic thinking? What are the highs and moments of joy that emerge from this work?

Our conversations frame these stories within broader contexts of structural inequality, politics, settler-colonialism and the entanglements of our globalised world. We believe that telling these stories – local and global – can create change.

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